Code of Conduct

CRS Airlines Representatives Code of Conduct

  • Promote the Principal’s identity foremost in all advertising
  • Undertake regular and proactive marketing activities
  • Ensure that the Principal’s product information is made available to the widest possible audience
  • Use every endeavor to increase the Principal’s market share
  • Obtain the best possible rate and yield for the Principal
  • Deal politely and efficiently with all sales enquiries
  • Ensure received cargo is checked to verify that contents and weight are as declared
  • Cooperate with the Principal’s chosen service providers to deliver a seamless, high-quality service to customers
  • Cooperate with the Principal’s other sales offices and representatives to uphold service standards and protect the Principal’s best interests
  • Cooperate with the Principal in the fair and efficient resolution of claims and disputes
  • Provide timely and accurate revenue reports
  • Remit Principals’ funds promptly
  • Report all market intelligence that may assist the Principal in gaining competitive advantage
  • Do everything possible to enhance the Principal’s reputation and standing



  • Sell their principal’s services under any other identity
  • Sell their principal’s services outside the allocated territory without prior authority
  • Accept cargo which should be booked through another, nearer station without prior agreement
  • Act in any way that is detrimental to the interests of the Principal’s other stations or representatives
  • Accept cargo from companies whose credit has not been vetted and approved (except cash customers)
  • Behave in any way that may damage the reputation of the principal