Live Animals

Safe Shipping for All Types of Animals

Objective is to provide the utmost care for your animals

Live Animals

Air transportation of live animals is subject to the IATA Live Animal Regulations Manual (LAR). regulations, which specify documentation, travel containers, and special labels required to ensure safe carriage of animals.

Main features of this service:

  • Boarding priority
  • Expedite ramp handling
  • Personalized handling
  • Transportation of animal handlers in our freighter flights (for horses  and any other type of animal that requires to be transported in the Main Deck of the aircraft)


There are some special requirements you need to consider:

  • The shipper is responsible of having the proper documentation, permits, labeling and travel containers
  • It is recommended that the shipper coordinates in advance with the consignee or freight forwarder to pick up the animals as soon as they arrive to final destination
  • Live animals will not be able to spend the night at the airline´s warehouse; this restriction includes origin, transit and destination stations. Shipper must coordinate shipment considering itinerary and transit times
  • The freight forwarder or shipper must ensure that the animals fulfill all phytosanitary conditions and prerequisites required by local authorities at origin and destination
  • Is not permitted to carry animals from the rodent family in our aircraft.  Some examples of this kind of animals are: squirrels, beavers, rabbits, Guiney pigs, porcupines, rats and mice, from all species including lab rats or pets like hamsters
  • The airline will not accept live animals that can be dangerous or harmful during flight (animals that show offensive or aggressive behavior that cannot be calmed by sedatives)
  • Is not permitted to carry Live animals that appear in the CITES list (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). The shipper must check the government requirements to avoid illegal trafficking of flora and fauna
  •  The airline will not transport animals that have given birth in the last 48 hours
  • The airline will not accept pregnant animals unless their accompanied by a veterinarian certificate that certifies the animal is fit to travel and there is not risk of birth occurring during the journey
  • The airline will not accept pets under 8 weeks old
  •  Animals cannot be consolidated with other type of cargo


Main features of the service are:

  • Priority boarding
  • Expedite ramp handling
  • Specialized l handling
  • Animal Handler transportation in our Freighters (applies for horses’ shipments , and / or any other main deck animal)