Exclusive Services

Everything that Airline can needed

Own Identity

CRS Airlines Representatives works with dedicated staff and exclusive phone lines. Airlines, no matter what size, are given our utmost attention and dedication to guarantee the highest possible service and their own cargo identity.


CRS Airlines representatives utilizes its network of partners and creates new synergies among them to create new links by allowing the smoother transfer of air cargo to destinations previously unreachable by some airlines through the sharing of airline flight networks.

Cost Analysis

CRS Airlines Representatives has provided assistance to many airlines in reducing their costs in areas such as ground handling agreements, trucking networks throughout the world, fuel costs for stop-over flights and more.

Import Services

We have the full scale capability to handle all imports into Spain and Portugal. From support in commercial area with importers to handler any shipment arrived in our airports

Additional Services

We are always ready to offer you additional services needed: Just in time loading and delivery, Freight trans-shipment and temporary storage, Cargo tracking system, Additional cargo insurance for highly valuable goods…

Company Material & AOG

When aircrafts are grounded, every minute counts to minimize the loss of revenue. CRS Airlines Representatives can help get you back in the air as soon as possible.