Oversize, Heavy and Challenging cargo

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Oversize and Overweight Cargo

Some industries require the transportation of pieces that exceed the standard, either by their size or their weight.

A piece is considered oversized when its dimensions exceed a cargo aircraft main deck position and therefore occupies part of another position.

A piece is considered overweight when due to its weight, it must be handled in 16 ft or 20 ft pallet.

Because we understand the special needs of these kinds of shipments, CRS Airlines Representatives has designed a product with special features to guarantee the integrity and security of your cargo.

This product includes:

  • Special ramp handling with Specialized equipment
  • Trained personal Specialized in handling these types of shipments
  • Load Master when necessary


It is important to consider the following recommendations when handling this type of cargo:

  • In the AWB under handling information, a 24 hours emergency contact must be included
  • In the AWB under nature & quantity of goods, the exact number of pieces should be indicated
  • The cut-off time for this type of cargo is 8 hours prior to flight departure
  • In case the cargo needs to maintain a certain orientation, handling labels must be attached in at least two opposite sides of the cargo