Special Cargo on Board

We are committed to satisfy your air cargo transportation needs through a wide range of products

Oversize Cargo

Transportation of pieces that exceed the standard, either by their size or their weight.

Live Animals

Air transportation of live animals is subject to the IATA Live Animal Regulations Manual (LAR). regulations, which specify documentation, travel containers, and special labels required to ensure safe carriage of animals..

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods or restricted articles are described as products or substances that are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety or property when transported by air. These articles require special handling and procedures established by IATA’s Dangerous Goods Regulations for air transportation..

Human Remains

We are committed to providing attentiveness and respect when transporting human remains. We understand the importance of the situation, and we treat each shipment with utmost care to ensure an optimal arrival at the final destination. .

Perishable Cargo

This service provides transportation for items that require fast delivery due to its nature of the goods. These are articles that decompose quickly or which require priority in transportation and special handling..


Valuables: with our service, we guarantee the high priority and safe transportation of goods that due to it´s nature require expedite handling and special security measures..

Temperature Control

Using active containers (electric and dry ice) or passive transportation, we provide a specialized service for shipments that require strict temperature control and monitoring…

Personal effects

We offer a service that is reliable and fast so you can send personal effects to your family and friends worldwide.

Priority Cargo

Sometimes small packages are the most urgent shipments, and their prompt arrival is imperative. For these kind of shipments we have priority services in most of our Airlines, a fast Airport to Airport service available in most of our network.

Courier Services

As we understand the special needs of the courier companies, we offer a reliable service that ensures on time arrival of their shipments. These are accepted subject to the Courier Service regulations and rates of each country.

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