Temperature Control

Cool Care

Setting the Stage for success

Cool Care

Using active containers (electric and dry ice) or pasive systems, we provide a specialized service for shipments that require strict temperature control and monitoring.

We take special care of shipments that require a constant temperature between -20ºC and 20ºC ( -4ºF to 68ºF); the most common categories being:

  • Refrigerated products (36 ºF to 46 ºF)
  • Controlled Room temperature products (59 ºF to 68 ºF)
  • Products that require a protection from freezing (+ 36 ºF)
  • Deep Frozen products (14 ºF or less)


Pharmaceutical Industry: Because we understand how delicate transporting life-saving medications can be, we have designed specific procedures that are in line with chapter 17 of the IATA Perishables Manual and the Good Distribution Procedures (GDP) established by the World Health Organization which allows the safe transportation of healthcare products. We monitor the required temperature during the entire transportation process to avoid any variation in the shipment that might compromise the efficiency of the pharmaceuticals. Some of these pharmaceutical products can be: vaccines, insulin, biologics and/or any other medications sensitive to changes in temperature.

Other Industries: With CoolCare, we can also provide the carriage of other perishable commodities, such as high-priced meats and seafood, or technology equipment such as semiconductors that must be transported in active temperature-controlled containers.

Main features of the service:

  • Re- icing and battery replacement service available
  • Expedite on-ramp handling
  • Expedite delivery at destination
  • Highest Boarding priority
  • Constant monitoring


Temperature controls:

  • Specific procedures designed for the transportation of temperature-controlled containers
  • Trained personnel specialized in handling active containers with dry ice or electric cooling/heating technology
  • Contingency plans designed to keep temperature within specified ranges
  • Checklist for each CoolCare shipment
  • Constant temperature monitoring
  • Battery replacement and re-icing, whenever required
  • Access to cold storage rooms at our main cargo stations