Secure Delivery of Your Valuable Cargo

Increased Safety for Valuable Freight


With our service, we guarantee the high priority and safe transportation of goods that due to it´s nature require expedite handling and special security measures.

Some examples of Valuable Cargo are:

  • Gold
  • Bank notes
  • Platinum metals
  • Traveller´s checks
  • Stocks
  • Gemstones
  • Jewelry


Main features of the service:

  • Shipments are escorted by our security staff at origin, transit points and destination
  • Contingency plans in case of flight delays, landing on alternative airport, etc
  • Storage in specialized areas
  • Surveillance within the warehouse in our main stations, though a close circuit television system
  • Constant communication through internal pre-alerts to all personnel involved in shipment´s handling
  • Special coordination between security and operational teams
  • All shipments of valuables are guaranteed with positive space on Passenger flights


There are some special requirements the shipper needs to consider:

  • For valuable cargo shipments the Airwaybill must be issued without a declared value
  • Valuable Cargo cannot be consolidated with other type of commodities/goods, however it can be consolidated with other valuable goods
  • Before shipping valuable cargo is necessary to contact your local office, in order to coordinate all airline requirements