Human Remains

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Human Remains

We are committed to providing attentiveness and respect when transporting human remains. We understand the importance of the situation, and we treat each shipment with utmost care to ensure an optimal arrival at the final destination. Human Remains and ashes are considered special shipments, with top boarding priority and confirmed space from origin to destination.

Main features of the service:

  • Highest boarding priority on our flights
  • We guarantee transportation on commercial flights
  • Storage in special areas within our warehouses


These are some of the documents that may be required for the transportation of Human Remains; nonetheless, you should contact the local authorities, for any additional documentation required:

  • Permit for international transit of human remains, granted by the health authority where the death occurred
  • Embalmer certificate
  • Death certificate issued by the competent authority of the country where the death occurred
  • Copy of the passport of the deceased and of the family member or legal representative requesting the transportation.


The shipper must verify that the type of packaging is appropriate for air transportation. The type of packaging will vary depending on whether or not the human remains are cremated.

  • Cremated Human Remains: should be packed properly in sealed funeral urns; The urn box should be protected with an outer packaging to prevent damage during transportation
  • Non-cremated Human Remains: Only 2 kinds of packaging are allowed:
    • Zeigler Unit (Ziegler Tray): the remains must be placed inside a hermetically sealed box and reinforced with outer packaging of pressed cardboard or wood to provide more protection
    • Coffins: Must be reinforced with an outer packaging using a pressed cardboard box or wood
  • Exhumed remains: must be packed as a Non-cremated Human Remain